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Exit Series Welcome to the world of Fitness. We are here to guide you about fitness and highlight the significance of fitness in our life. It is important to keep the various do’s and don’ts in mind in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Remember life is given only once so enjoy it to the fullest and do not forget to stay fit and healthy.

What kind of Fitness tips we are recommending for beginners

Beginners have finally decided to move, which is great news but now it is time for some tips. Given below are some recommended tips for the beginners, which can be quite valuable; however, it is always wise to discuss everything with your doctor even when you are starting a new exercise or taking upon a new routine.

-First of all, as explained previously as well get a clearance from your doctor. The doctor can recommend exercises as per your age and gender. However, you can always start by walking.

-Find out which exercise would be most suitable for you. There are tons of options available for example, cardiovascular exercise, aerobics, and so much more. It is wise to know the options and find the most suitable one according to your body type, age, gender, and health conditions.

-Invest in good equipment at home if you can afford or start a gym; however, make sure you can follow it regularly. There are many online tutorials, which can help you learn a certain exercise but be very careful and do not blindly follow anything said on the internet, do a little search and homework yourself first.


Our Top 3 exercises for muscle growth

Given below are our Top 3 exercises for building muscles; however, be very sure whether the exercise is safe for you and then try it. It is recommended to take clearance from the doctor for trying anything new for the very first time.


Squats can help you achieve big legs. Imagine you are sitting on a chair and this exercise would be so much easier.

Military Press

This particular exercise would be great for building up the shoulders. In order to find out how to do it correctly there are many videos available online; however, follow the one with the best reviews.


It can assist you in emphasizing on your back. Make sure you are doing each exercise correctly.

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What supplements to use?

Getting fit is important; however, taking care of the diet is equally important. Sometimes it is not possible to eat everything in moderation as some people would be quite lazy and might have a lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

It is wise to ask the doctor to advise the kind of supplements, which can be an add on and can be taken without trouble. The supplements should be safe to use and should be based on the recommendation of a doctor.

Trying a supplement based on reviews of people or trying anything, which promises weight loss or gain should not be taken just like that. Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement. Vitamin supplements are likely to be a good option but only on the recommendation of the doctor.

How to make your chest bigger?

There are different options available for you if you are thinking to make your chest bigger, for example, you can go to the gym and use the relevant equipment and do the relevant exercise; however, if you plan to do it at home then doing the push-ups would be a good idea.

For those who want to use equipment, bench pressing would be a good idea. Another thing, which you can try in order to make your chest big is doing the bar dips.

Try all these and find out what works best for you; however, again as said previously many times make sure you have a clearance from the doctor especially after a certain age it is important to keep the opinion of the doctor in mind.