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City of Newark

Home of formerly the largest American-owned brewery in NJ.

  1. In order to spread Theocracy, the Puritans of New Haven, Connecticut sent Robert Treat and John Gregory to New Jersey to establish a settlement. In May of 1666 they purchased land from the Hackensack Indians for goods including gunpowder, one hundred bars of lead, twenty axes, twenty coats, guns, pistols, swords, kettles, blankets, knives, beer, and ten pairs of breeches, in total valuing about $750.
  2. The original name for Newark was Pesayak Towne, and it was later renamed to New Milford. There are two stories concerning the renaming of the area to Newark. The first is that it was renamed because of Reverend Abraham Pierson, who came over from Newark-on-Trent England. The other story is that the name came from a Biblical reference related to the Theocratic Puritans – “New Ark”.
  3. The first public electric lamps in the United States were in Military Park in Newark.
  4. The Ballantine Brewery was founded in 1840, and by the 1880’s it spanned over 12 acres, making it the 6th largest brewery in the nation.


Naturally, since Newark is number 4 on the list of top ten murder cities in the US, our beer should be a 40 oz malt liquor. Undertones of an old dirty bum sitting beside a convenience store begging for money to uphold his malt liquor habit. Only the best malt and hops should be used to make this Great American Beverage. Travel the land from south to north Newark and tell us if you can endure the honest search for these noble ingredients. Dodging bullets will be no surprise but you can make it! Bring us a beer that is worth telling people that I am from the great exit that is 14!!

submitted for Exit 14 (City of Newark) by Big Cuddler
February 10th, 2011 4:41 AM

If you go over the Newark Bay Bridge, and you turn your nose in the right direction, you can smell both artificial grape flavor and licorice floating down the river. And sometimes, petroleum. I imagine a really potent brew, using one or both of the aformentioned smells.

submitted for Exit 14 (City of Newark) by Ms_New_Jersey
July 18th, 2010 2:45 AM

Well considering the airport, dump, swamp, and incinerator, and the 14 exits span to jersey city, which is as we all know not considered the cleanest place in the world(i'm from JC)

I was thinking a strong IPA with a bitter start and high alcohol content. A nice high alpha(around 14%-21%) with some flavoring added later. definitely a nice london ale yeast for color and complexity.

submitted for Exit 14 (City of Newark) by Brewpilot8
June 27th, 2010 7:34 PM

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